Dont waste your investment on low quality glasscoat. Don't be fooled by PROMO'S, FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS, there's a reason behind it. We don't give out any kit for maintenance as XJAM1 don't need one.

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Car Wax vs Glass Coating

XJAM1 Glass Coat culminates the fundamental qualities demanded of a protective finish for your car. Developed in Japan with the time-honored traditions of precision, perfection, and uncompromising performance, we’re introducing a new way to apply protection and shine to compliment one of your greatest assets.

Nanotechnology, combined with one of Nature’s most stable and refractory materials, glass, yields a remarkably bright finish that fuses with the paint of your car for an enduring, hard surface that is scratch resistant, chemical resistant and durable against the elements. The surface of your car is penetrated and protected with layers of silica glass and silicone resin, a technology that surpasses car wax in:

  • Protection

    Liquid Glass is heat resistant, and champions car wax that melts from high temperatures, such as from the sun. Liquid Glass is resistant to chemicals. Wax succumbs to acid rain and other chemicals, glass perseveres the elements, unscathed.

  • Physical Impact

    Wax fails to resist abrasion. Nails, sand, and foreign objects on the road scratch and mar the surface. Liquid Glass repels and shields your car from this type of impact.

  • Easy Use

    Waxing requires time and persistence, and takes a good 30 minutes to apply. What was once tiring and time consuming has now become easy, fast, and effective easy cleaning once car is Glass Coated with XJAM1. Then, wipe it to dry. Easy. Done. More time for quality living.

  • Durability

    Car wax quickly deteriorates due to exposure from seasonal elements like rain, ice, and heat from the sun. Glass Coat (XJAM1) lasts from 5 years to 7 years (depending on storage). As Double Shield is applied it penetrates the paint, building thickening layers over time, increasing surface strength. Protection and durability are optimized.

  • Smooth Shine

    A well kept car reflects its owner. Unlike car wax that gives a soft, deep finish, Liquid Glass coats your car with a penetrating, protective shield, giving an unparalleled, brilliant, and enduring shine.

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